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Owner of OuterSkin2, Sabrina N. has always had an eye for fashion. Growing up in New Britain Connecticut, her life was all about survival. Sabrina's mother did the best she could to raise her on a limited income. Since buying the newest clothes wasn't on her family's priority list, Sabrina learned to sew at the tender age of 9 years old. With the ability to revamp her own clothes as well as create new pieces, she developed a one of a kind sense of style that represents women everywhere. With hopes of making a better life for her children, Sabrina moved to North Carolina for a new beginning and with a desire for success. In 2013 Sabrina was presented with the opportunity to make her dream and passion for clothing come true! She purchased the OuterSkin brand and added her own recipe of style.  Sabrina has since then styled multitudes of models, numerous musicians as well as women just like you! Any customer of Sabrina's is like family, so come into OUR closet and pick something out! 


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